Fohdeesha Show / Live Visuals

My good friends David Peck, Tyler Ebbinghouse and Sia Hanna organized an electronic music show under the Fohdeesha moniker last weekend. The turn out was great (for Indianapolis) and a good time was had. The sets were fantastic.

They asked me if I was up to VJ-ing the show. I hadn't messed around with live video in roughly 4 years, and I had never actually done them live. But I took the challenge! I spent the two nights before the show frantically assembling and compositing clips to use. Among them are some never before seen footage from the fohdeesha archives, some animated CT scans of my abdomen, and some 3D composites I had been working on. It turned out great! The people in the crowd were not expecting what was about to be flashed in their face all night, and the artists playing absolutely loved it. Now I really want to do it again.

For the technical people out there, I was running Resolume with two midi controllers. I set up behind the stage so I could have a nice little space to myself. I didn't own a laptop (who owns a laptop?) so I got to lug in my 60 pound rackmount workstation (no joke!). The upside to this was the ability to have an entire HD workflow. 1080p source clips, 1080p Resolume workspace, outputting 1080p to a 1080p projector. I was running layers on top of layers and the thing was rock stable all night. I was running the Resolume UI on the main monitor output, then the live mix out of the second DVI output. I used a DVI splitter to run the second output to the projector as well as to a second monitor on my desk so I had a full screen reference of what was actually being sent to the projector.

I meant to bring one of my cameras and record the thing, but I ended up not having time. This is the only video I can find that shows anything, but you can see a few clips of what was going on. Some pictures below that as well.