Big Update

Sorry for the gap in updates, we've been mad busy. Lots of new photo albums, new film, new people, good times.

News wise, we have a confirmed music video shoot for Lusine Tuesday of next week, the 14th. Should be great, it's a treatment I've been envisioning for the past couple of years. Wish us luck and good light!

On with the updates. New film is up, "Yoyoyo". Footage from the first weekend of our summer, some dirtbiking, relaxing, Jaminator music video, yoyoing, some nice thunderstorms above some pyramids, etc.

Lots of new albums. Just click the pictures -

Shot a really cheesy Brut commercial, never to be seen.

Also shot an oddball jungle sword fighting short set to some Flying Lotus, also never to be seen.

Had a nice relaxing day at A-Macs, Aston Martin Man made a return to fend off Ferrari man.

Did some skating and biking outside the Fohdeesha residence, then went to a quarry. Long exposures ensued.

Returned to an oldie, The Dam. Found a creepy abandoned bunker.

Last but not least, we took a quick trip downtown.

That about covers it, thanks for taking a look. I'll keep you guys updated on how the Lusine shoot goes, should also be a couple new photo albums in the next couple of days.

New albums, some jams

We've always wondered what the reverb in Tylers stairwell would sound like. Well we found out, and it was beautiful.

We also had a garage sale, wasn't very successful.

Also had the Boss II preproduction meeting, went excellent. Scripting and storyboarding should be done in the next 2 weeks and we'll move onto shooting.

Storms, Pyramids, Jaminators

Was a pretty good weekend in central Indiana, some beautiful weather, yoyo parties, rocking out on some Jaminators, etc. Check the photo album, short film to come in the next few days!

Jay Schroeder Photography

Our good friend Jay from chitown just got his portfolio up, webhosting courtesy of fohdnet. I highly recommend checking it out, his style is gorgeous and much in tune with what we're doing here in Indy. Jay should be returning to Indiana in the coming weeks to shoot with deesh, expect some beautiful moving pictures.

Jay Schroeder Photography

Turbo Garage

Fohdeesha decided to have a little parking garage outing. Make sure to click the gear and select 720p on youtube!

Drift Indy

Shot another drift Indy event, click for some framegrabs

Turtles were hit

Night v3 is done!

After being put to the side for more than 3 months, it's finally done. This was all shot during our last year of highschool. Too much fun was had by all and I miss these folk very much!

Also went out with Alex to his backyard to shoot him having some fun on his bike. Was fun!. Another one with cars to come shortly.

That brings me to our last update. Fohdeesha went out to provide media coverage of Drift Indys May 9th event, film to come in the next couple of weeks.
Drift Indy is a very old and good friend of ours, I highly recommend checking them out.

Intro page removed

Took down the temp intro page page, music that auto-plays is only enjoyable for so long. It can still be viewed here.

On the film front, Night v3 is still being edited, should be done next weekend. Also been working on a short film with A-Mac the past couple of days, got some great dirtbiking shots amongst other things. Should be finished tomorrow.


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