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This is the home of all public documentation by Jon Sands. Originally planned as documentation to share amongst FBOM members, it has become most useful on STH. Pull requests to the github repo are always welcome.

Other documentation I have written or contributed to:

Offline / Archival Version

Below you can download an entirely offline version of this entire guide site, including all files / ZIPs. The archive linked below is automatically re-created whenever the build script for this website is run, so it is always up to date. Once downloaded, extract it and open index.html with your favorite web browser, and you can use the site entirely offline.

NOTE: This site is updated very often, with useful information and updates being added nearly weekly. I do not recommend downloading and using the offline version for regular use, as you're going to miss out on any updates made to the guide since your download. It's intended for a "worst case scenario" backup. If you'd still like a copy, just click the link below:

Fohdeesha Docs Archive